The Dining Experience

Our restaurant is inspired by bahili, a private type of Newa courtyard usually reserved for the families in a neighborhood. As one would in a bahili, guests can enjoy intimate feasts with family, friends and fellow residents of the hotel. The glass walls during the day expose onlookers to not only the scenic vistas of the glorious Himalayas but also the major, traditional Newa settlements across the valley, including Sankhu, Panauti, Patan and Bhaktapur.

By night, the restaurant transforms into a dazzling, translucent space that would leave you bewitched. Intricately carved, handmade clay lamps dangle from the ceiling, illuminating the restaurant with warm, flickering lights. The Gājhyā proudly overlooks the restaurant, effortlessly transporting you from the laps of the Himalayas in Nagarkot to a cozy, communal bahili in Kathmandu. Pair the atmosphere with the passionate cuisine, and you have a royal gastronomical experience waiting to be shared.

For those looking for a more intimate experience, our restaurant houses 2 private dining rooms as well.

The Bar

Spacious yet intimate, Tayo’s swanky bar is an extension of its restaurant. The bar opens through the restaurant, continuing the open, glass-walled design that blesses onlookers with some of the most magnificent views in Nagarkot. The slick bar overlooks beautiful views of the deep valley, the rolling hills and the high peaky mountains. Enjoy the amazing view as you tip back premium sips. Tayo’s expert in-house mixologists are known for their creative concoctions — try a few while you relax and unwind from a long trip or just a long week.

The Food

A symposium of culinary delights

The restaurant is the heart of Tayo. And our chefs ensure that they keep it strong and beating with an exciting menu of global and regional cuisines. Guests do not have to miss out on the familiarity or oddity of international delicacies they may crave for during their stay. Our restaurant dishes out delectable options ranging from Western, Mediterranean to Pan-Asian and more. However, what we pride ourselves in and implore you to try are the exquisite home-grown meals. From the popular raithane (vernacular) specials of the diverse ethnic communities of Nepal such as sisnu ko soup or kanchemba with timur chhop  — we extend a warm invitation to celebrate our rich ancestral gastronomy.

All our dishes are made using wonderful local and indigenous spices and herbs. The produce is locally sourced, usually grown in our own organic farm. And when required, you will not find our tables lacking of exotic ingredients and rubs imported from various corners of the world. The goal of the restaurant is to please your palate and to win your hearts. Let us know how we do!

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