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Tayo Eco Resort is a slice of Newa culture and architecture of Kathmandu perched on top of Shanti Danda or Peace hill in Nagarkot, amidst dense forests, emerald terraced farmlands, quaint villages, and breathtaking views of the Himalayas.

Located 32km away from the capital city of Kathmandu and 20km from the historic city of Bhaktapur, Tayo Eco Resort is designed to bring you tete-a-tete with the awe-inspiring Himalayan range in the north without having to leave the comfort and architectural grandeur of the nation’s capital. It creates an ideal blend of nature, culture, and modern-day luxuries, allowing you to enjoy the wondrous natural scenery, in a rich setting inspired by Nepali history.

Set in a sprawling hilly landscape of 15,770 sq. meters in Nagarkot, at an elevation of 1770, Tayo Eco Resort features 12 enchanting two-story buildings that house a total of 44 luxuriously furnished rooms. Each house faces the north, allowing each room an uninterrupted view of the magnificent Himalayan range, the rolling hills beneath it, and the deep, beautiful valley down below.

The first of its kind in Nagarkot

The first of its kind in Nagarkot

Tayo Eco Resort adds a touch of rich culture and heritage, and a sprinkle of newness to an otherwise crowded hotel-hub that is Nagarkot.

A flawless combination of tradition and modernity, Tayo is a 5-star category luxury hotel that brings together the artful history from the streets of Patan, the ecological efforts needed in the 21st century, and the comforts of the best hotels around the world — something that has never been seen before in the popular hill station before.

The earthquake resistant structures of Tayo are well-connected with disable-friendly platforms — a novel feature in the hospitality industry in Nagarkot. The entire property is powered by solar-energy and is complemented by rainwater harvesting, including a grey water recycling system that ensures sustainable water solutions.

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The Story behind Our Name

Why Tayo?

Those who do not know assume “tayo” to be a borrowed word from a foreign language. The fact is that the term is rooted in our very own Nepal Bhasa. Tayo in Nepal Bhasa refers to a traditional Newa ornament that is unique to the women, goddesses and deities of the indigenous Newa community.

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The Story behind Our Name
Our Experience

A playground for all

Although the resort is tucked away in the rolling hills; a long, winding route away from the capital, the sanctuary is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure your stay leaves no room for dissatisfaction or dismay.

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