Suite Rooms (Under Construction)

Two buildings, each complete with a living space, two comfortable bedrooms with attached baths, and a private lawn — the suite rooms are the epitome of luxury. Perfect for a small group of friends, family with kids, or just a pair of couples looking to relax and have fun, Tayo’s suite rooms feature wide windows opening to the glorious views. The jacuzzi and showers & the attached baths for each room are spacious and feature state-of-the-art facilities.

Deluxe Room

42 rooms immaculately designed to be stylish, comfortable and environmentally sound. Each room is rich in wooden tone, immediately exuding warmth, elegance and class. From the struts on the ceiling, to the heavy wooden headboards that are reminiscent of tikhi jhya or latticed windows, the handcrafted furniture and bespoke cast-iron lampshades, every section of the room is a well-thought addition that completes it.

Elegant and stylish, the rooms are an epitome of comfort and luxury. Keeping in mind your privacy, all glasses in the windows are double glazed. With an environmental perspective, the cavity walls are insulated for natural heating. The rooms are in a true sense new meets old, comfort meets elegance.

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