Why Us?

Those who do not know assume “tayo” to be a borrowed word from a foreign language. The fact is that the term is rooted in our very own Nepal Bhasa. Tayo in Nepal Bhasa refers to a traditional Newa ornament that is unique to the women, goddesses and deities of the indigenous Newa community. Goddess Kumari dons the exquisite piece every day. Brides wear it on their wedding day only after careful advice from astrologers. For many others, it is an heirloom, handed down from generation to generation.

Tayo has been described as an “eloquent testimony of the Newar craftsmen’s skill and its asthebilty”. The necklace, often made of gold, is placed on top of a velvety fabric base for the sake of comfort and style. At its center is a stunning gold pendant. The almost-oblong piece of solid gold with pointed ends is hooded by seven snake-heads. While the jewelry can be as extravagant or simple as one wishes, the more traditional jewel usually features emerald or ruby beads dangling down the snakes’ mouth. As auspicious as it is opulent, people of faith believe it brings prosperity and fortune to the bearer.

So, why Tayo? Because we strive to be an irreplaceable, quintessential jewel in the hospitality industry of Nepal. As authentic and as timeless as the Tayo itself.

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